oX Server


oX server is one of the core pieces of oX framework: please see http://www.ox-framework.org/doc/ox-whitepaper.html#chapter-Architecture




Upcoming requested features to core oX server:

  • Ability to remove a node: ticket #10

API Documentation

Please see http://www.ox-framework.org/doc/api/oxserver/

Usage Tips

Please see user guide at http://www.ox-framework.org/doc/api/oxserver/oxUserGuide.html

oX Server Modules and Tools

oX server has a flexible modular architecture that features internal and external modules/plugins.

Currently, the following internal modules are supported and are part of the oX server code base:

  • bluetooth/lejos
  • gps

The following modules have experimental development source code:

  • X10
  • Wireless 802.15.4 - under development

Tools and Modules Under Development

Modules Project Ideas/Proposals

Here is a list of potential projects that are seen as useful:

  • ModBus/IP
  • LONWorks
  • BacNET
  • Zigbee
  • oX firmware project
  • oBIX compatibility tester
    • This tools allows to execute a set of tasks that will allow performing operations on an oBIX server. It can compare results between two servers which may be either oX/OpenLynx or JACE.
    • e.g., the report looks like this:
        The test above was performed using oX/OpenLynx v0.3.05 and JACE/Tridium as comparison targets.
        Here are the differences in the tree:

oX Firmware Project

Enables to develop firmware that can easily integrate with oX and similar products.

This firmware can be put into:

  • Refridgerators
  • Coffee makers
  • Washer
  • Dryer


  • lightweight C library with very few dependencies
  • simple parsing of Obj responses
  • simple building of Obj XML
  • eventually support for more efficient encoding as an alternative to XML for both firmware (client oX) and OxServer

Note: firmware could act as client-only, or also as an oBIX server if resources allow and use case requires it.

oBIX Integration

Project to support integration with other similar commercial or open source products.

  • Tridium/JACE integration: planning stage